Callisto Arrives into Montego Bay

At 21:21:07 on Wednesday, January 25th, Callisto Racing was second across the Appleton Estate Finish Line giving them an overall elapsed time of 3 days 7 hours 21 minutes and 7 seconds.

Upon arrival into the Montego Bay Yacht Club, Callisto Owner Jim Murray said, “First time (doing the Pineapple Cup) and three incredibly different races. The first was to get out on the Atlantic side of the Bahamas, which was a rip -15- 17 knot of screaming boat speed reach, then light air until we made the final turn south into the windward passage. Basically from when we were about 30 miles outside the windward passage until we just arrived, it was pretty non-stop. Everything the race promises which is epic downwind sailing.

On the arrival into Jamaica, “Yeah it’s incredible, I don’t think any of us have been into Montego Bay by water before but we were met on the water by the race committee and on the dock by all these people so thanks to Appleton for that”

Favorite memory of the race, “There was a gorgeous crescent coming into Montego Bay and we had these large waves from the stern and it was gusting 24 knots and we just were absolutely hauling the mail downwind and the whole crew was actually pretty silent. We all we knew we were in good position to come in here and win the Pineapple Cup, so I think the excitement was mounting but at the same time it was everyone just doing their jobs and after three days on the water that’s why you do this, because everyone just loves being part of the team.

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