Pineapple Cup Goes Virtual!

Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race Goes Virtual!

While we won’t be racing in person this January, we are excited to offer the Pineapple Cup-Montego Bay Race virtually via! The virtual race will follow the iconic course from Miami to Montego Bay and start on Sunday, January 25th at 20:30 UTC.

To register for the race, visit RealSail. race was scheduled to take place January 22-29, 2022. The new race dates will be January 21-28, 2023.

The virtual race will use current weather data and your navigational skills to compete from the comfort of your home.

The simulation game is for anyone with a passion for sailing – and a PC, Mac or mobile – to compete the official course just like in real life, without getting wet:

– Real cartography

– Real wind and pressure from NOAA GFS forecast

– Real boat polars

– Autopilot and position waypoints

– Skippers can execute scheduled commands to set their heading, twa, sail, etc.- Skippers can use an embedded routing tool or integrate the game with a 3rd party routing tool (Expedition for example) using the NMEA service in order to plan their strategy.

Racing tactics

If you want to be at the head of the fleet, define your strategy in advance using your routing tools and stay tuned with the forecast updates.

Register for the virtual race

Go to and register as a new user. To compete in the Pineapple Cup there is an entry fee of 2.47 euros. If you want to subscribe, RealSail is offering a 20% discount for the first 4 months using the code “PINEAPPLE”. The monthly fee during the discount period is 7.97 euro and includes any race on RealSail. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

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