Senara Finishes at 17:12:10

Grateful Red expected to arrive late in the evening on Feb 9

Senara was the sixth boat in the PHRF division to cross the finish line this evening at 17:12:10. Provisional results are showing them in sixth place in the PHRF division. 

Eamonn de Lisser, Owner, Senara,”It’s always a great race, this is my seventh, I love ’em. Sailing through the Bahamas was some of the prettiest sailing we’ve done and last night was just beautiful  lots of moon, light air, easy sailing. If you were cruising, you’d never stop!”

Arielle de Lisser, Eamonn’s daughter and one of the drivers onboard Senara, “This was my second Pineapple Cup, I did the race two years ago. On the boat, I’m driving every shift for at least an hour, hour and a half. The highlight for me was having the top speed, 14.5 kts. The worst part was sitting around in no wind, just after the Windward Passage yesterday morning, throughout the whole day.”

Update on Merrythought: Merrythought have retired from the race due to technical difficulties. The boat pulled into Port Antonio this morning, the crew is safe and will be heading over to MBYC by car to enjoy the rest of the race festivities!

We had contact with Grateful Red’s Chief Ration Officer today: “Have rounded Cuba on the “sleigh ride run”. Winds are 5ish, spinnaker up, boat speed is pressing 5 knots on a stupendously beautiful morning. Crew is up having a cold round of Barley soup (aka PBR) …

As the boat CRO, I misjudged the sleigh ride winds hence the ice has RUN OUT. True emergency conditions … starting this afternoon – all rum drinks served on the Grateful Red Lido Deck will be WARM. Crew morale is dropping.” 

Better hurry up and get to MBYC soon! There is plenty of ice and cold rum here awaiting their arrival!

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